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So we can develop the further programming.


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You will receive the invoice from us no later than January 2022.  
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At the moment we have about 25 standard rooms and 35 cosy rooms available on Mennorode. We have also been able to make special arrangements with various hotels in the vicinity for this weekend. So be quick.

All joint activities of the Anniversary party take place at the location of Hotel Mennorode in Elspeet.

For the 50th Anniversary there is a special edition of polos and caps with the MSCCH50 logo. You can also choose to personalize your shirt with your name and/or the license plate of your car.
You can order this Anniversary edition on

You will receive the ordered clothing / cap at your welcome in August 2022 at the location.

Dear Morganeers,


The English are not that crazy; Something's happening there! Brexit doesn't seem like such a bad move at all!

Not only were our English friends vaccinating much earlier and faster than we were, they also had the necessary vaccines in house much earlier to be able to do that. Not entirely illogical because before it was called the AstraZeneca vaccine it was just the Oxford vaccine and it's really not going to be much Englisher than that!  No, even when registering you can see that our friends from the UK have new energy... they are already looking ahead to the moment when we can start enjoying our Morgans again! New English registrations come in daily...........

Despite all the Corona perils, the anniversary committee can report that we are still completely on schedule for a fantastic celebration of our 50th anniversary as Morgan Sports Car Club Holland on 19, 20 and 21 August 2022.

It is of course a road with obstacles; where previously the work discussions in preparation for the event still took place in “de Witte Bergen” or at another branch with toucan, some time ago we had to switch back to “Self Catering” at one of the committee members at home because the catering industry was forced to close its doors .